20 May 2024
COLDSKY.CN – Baidu CEO Robin Li said in an internal letter that the Internet giant has launched a 300

COLDSKY.CN – Baidu CEO Robin Li said in an internal letter that the Internet giant has launched a 300 million yuan fund to support the R&D of new drugs against the novel coronavirus outbreak and boost awareness of popular science and public health.

In the letter that released online (https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1657497955007101393&wfr=spider&for=pc), Li detailed efforts by the search engine’s many units to assist the fight against the outbreak, predicting  rising downward economic pressure after the epidemic and  increasing roles of AI in social governance 

The real-time big data report to show the spread of the coronavirus including suspected and confirmed cases and casualties,  (https://voice.baidu.com/act/newpneumonia/newpneumonia/?from=osari_pc_1), has been an important information pool referred by media and decision-makers, said Li.

The free online doctor service on Baidu app has attracted the participation of 100,000 doctors to answer various health questions, thus reducing the burden of hospitals. 

Baidu Map has kept updating almost on a daily basis and the Migration Service (https://qianxi.baidu.com/?from=shoubai#city=0) showed the flow of passengers, helping governments to introduce control measures, according to the letter. 

Baidu’s AI team has released a tool, RNA structure algorithm to reduce 2019-nCoV prediction time from 55 minutes to 27 seconds. The AI temperature screening solution was also put into use at Qinghe Railway Station in Beijing to improve efficiency. 

“Making information available more faster, transparent, and help relax the pressure, and enabling technology and big data to play more roles in public events are the core responsibilities of Baidu as an information and service platform,“ said the letter.

Baidu will remain dedicated to its mission, “to make a complicated world simpler through technology,” and help address difficulties faced by the nation and people. 

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