20 May 2024

China’s e-commerce platforms reported a surge in seafood and aquatic product sales following Japan’s release of nuclear wastewater into the Pacific, according to Chinese media outlet National Business Daily on August 25.

Sales on JD.com’s supermarket chain on August 24 increased by 150% compared to the same date last year. Additionally, sales from August 22 to August 24 rose by 65% compared to the previous week. Over these three days, the growth rate for shrimp and shellfish sales hit 50% daily, while sales of fresh crabs, fish, and sea cucumbers rose by 120%, 75%, and 32%, respectively.

Oriental Selection (东方甄选) reported that online orders for Pacific white shrimp on August 24 reached 25,000 by 7:00 p.m., significantly higher than the daily average of 7,000 orders.

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