23 July 2024

Mother and baby care brand SAINT BELLA and its parent company Beikang International (贝康国际) recently raised hundreds of millions of dollars in C-3 round of financing, with contributions from C Capital, Swire Properties Innovation Fund, Pegasus Capital (神骐资本) and Mirae Asset(未来资产).

The investment will support the upstream and downstream cooperation across the industry chain and facilitate the globalized business expansion, reported by 36kr.com.

Over the past year, SAINT BELLA completed three rounds of Series C financing with participation from Tencent, China Life and the current investors, raising a total of nearly $100 million.

Founded in 2017 by Xiang Hua, who completed the undergraduate and graduate studies from Oxford University, Beikang International caters to the needs of middle- and high-income families, a start-up supported by medical consultants from MIT, Oxford University and other schools in the U.S. (as described in Chinese)

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