21 June 2024

The Consumer Protection Commission in Jiangsu Province has urged fresh food vendors to exercise caution when using LED lights designed to enhance the appeal of their products.

LED lights have become extremely popular among retailers for a variety of purposes, such as utilizing red and yellow light sources for cooked food, green and white light sources for vegetables, and red and white light sources for fresh meat, seafood, and fruits.

When food items are illuminated by such lights, it becomes challenging for consumers to accurately assess the freshness of the product. 

A regulation issued by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, set to take effect on December 1 of this year, stipulates in Article 7 that the sale of fresh edible agricultural products should not involve the use of lighting or other facilities that result in noticeable alterations to the true colour, texture, and other sensory properties of the item, potentially misleading consumers.


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