21 June 2024

Tmall launched the “Thousand Stars Program” on August 2 to support growth-stage merchants on the online shopping platform.

The plan is to identify 1,000  emerging brands reflecting the new consumption trends and provide them with dedicated assistance. The aim is to incubate at least ten brands with annua sales of one billion yuan, 100 brands with an annual sales of 100 million yuan and the rest surpassing the 10 million yuan threshold. 

An Tang, general manager of Taobao and Tmall Group’s brands development centre, said Tmall has moved into a new stage where merchants are viewed in a structured manner. 

“In the past, we didn’t rate brands, and we only categorize them. Now we hope that all different types of merchants can find exclusive growth paths on our platform,” An said.

The latest data shows that in the second quarter of 2023, the number of new merchants on Tmall grew 75% year-on-year, surpassing the total recorded in the first half of previous year.

Chinese: http://www.stcn.com/article/detail/938223.html

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