20 May 2024
COLDSKY.CN – Sinopharm Capital (国药资本) has poured tens of millions of yuan in Series pre-A funding into Ancare

COLDSKY.CN – Sinopharm Capital (国药资本) has poured tens of millions of yuan in Series pre-A funding into Ancare Medical(安肯医疗),a psychiatric services provider that vows to become China’s “Mayo Clinic”.

Ancare Medical was jointly stablished by Wenzhou Kangning Hospital, China’s largest private psychiatric hospital group, and a team led by Dr. Yang Yi from the Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, in 2016.

Yang previously said that Ancare has professionals in clinical psychology, healthcare administration, hospital management and the Internet.

Ancare said it builds clinics for more than 10 top-class psychological health experts, works closely with over 100 public hospitals and runs a network of 2,000 certified psychologists offering services to nearly 100,000 people.

It also directly runs several mental hospitals in China, operates a platform for Chinese psychiatrists and psychological consultants to answer questions online, and assists in the treatment of mental illness. The main group of clients are those with light mental problems including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and sleeping or eating disorders, according to Ancare.

The new funding will be used to build intelligent services, boost branding toward the goal as China’s “Mayo Clinic” in mental illness treatment, and intensify cooperation with specialized and comprehensive hospitals, Yang said.

Zhuo Guangsong, general manager of Sinopharm Capital, said the market for psychological care in China is huge and people suffering light mental problems are mainly in first-tier cities. The company specialized in the medical and healthcare industry under Sinopharm Group will provide integrated business solutions and funding to Ancare, said Zhuo.

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