21 April 2024
COLDSKY.CN – President of Taobao and Tmall Jiang Fan called 2020 a milestone in Internet-based home decoration as

COLDSKY.CN – President of Taobao and Tmall Jiang Fan called 2020 a milestone in Internet-based home decoration as Tmall has shifted from a goods shelf to provider of immersive shopping.

During the June 18 shopping festival, home decor GMV on Tmall increased by 61 percent, the fastest growth. The e-commerce site became home to 900,000 new brands and stores in the first half of the year amid the coronavirus pandemic, more than the total number of new stores in the past three years. .(Not a surprise since most stores are closed. But once you embrace the online way, it’s hard to retreat to the physical store).

The biggest draw card, in my view,  was the use of 3D-aided shopping so customers can use their smartphone to preview the results by choosing and changing new furniture easily. Over 36 million people used the service. 

At the 2020 Alibaba Home Ecological Strategy Summit(阿里家装生态战略峰会) on August 27, Vice President of Alibaba Chui Xue also said digital transformation finally is sweeping through the home decoration sector, a 4- trillion-yuan market, three years in advance. 

What it means is that customers will find recommended stores nearby when searching home decor products on Taobao.com, access rich information for better decision making supported by 3D and short-videos, and enjoy the broader combined services of delivery and instalment. 

Shejijia.com, the home decor design platform built by Alibaba and Easyhome New Retail (居然之家), offers free 3D home design and rendering 

Decorating house is a length, painful process that involves endless bargaining with a lot of people including designers, contractors, materials and furniture shops, to name a few. 

If we have a large database of the apartments and main furniture supplies all in 3D,  a friendly app or platform to drag and drop products in order to meet the personal style, as well as numerous suppliers to quickly calculate the overall cost, we may feel more relaxed to have a home and sweet home.

Companies that use the Internet to change home decoration market have tried membership, group buying, community perks and other ways, but few have maintained their success. Such start-up boomed in 2015 with over 300 brands quickly emerging in the market, but three years later over 100 companies shut down.

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