21 April 2024
COLDSKY.CN – “To advertise with Xinchao, Reach the whole family” This tagline of Xinhao Media (新潮传媒) summarizes the


“To advertise with Xinchao, Reach the whole family”

This tagline of Xinhao Media (新潮传媒) summarizes the company’s main business of offering advertising service by using the limited elevator space.  

The logic is that, in busy schedules , people have to stop for a few moments in elevator, the perfect time to engage with  the captive audience. You can choose whatever your like with your smartphone or at home, but you don’t have the freedom in an elevator together with neighbors and strangers. 

That’s not new because I remember finding advertising start-ups to make use of toilet or restaurant table card holders all under the same expectation – you have to  notice me.

In the rebranding event in Shanghai on August 26, Xinchao Media, now in its seventh year, invited some 300 industry leaders to endorse what it calls digital drive and its goal to be a unicorn of elevator advertising operator. 

The interesting part for me is its promise to broadcast diversified ads with a full consideration of local targeted audience. “1,000 screens for 1,000 different ads.” How? The company said it will apply digital solutions for selection, smart matching, online monitoring and  results analysis. This is likely to say I know what people like in this community and how they interact with products so I’m able to capture their attention more effectively. Sounds scarring.

Xinchao Media said it  now operates 600,000 ads screens in elevators in 103 cities to reach over 200 million middle-class people in 45,000 neighborhoods. It has also cooperated with 71 out of China’s top 100 brands.  The ten-year anniversary goal is to operate two million ads screens in 100,000 neighborhoods.

Xinchao Media has also partnered with Huawei, JD.com and Baidu to launch an offline ads platform one year ago. 

In last August, a group led by JD.com also poured one billion yuan to the company to expand ads service and drive traffic to the e-commerce giant.  Yan Weipeng, VP of JD.com, said in the event that competition to attract attention has shifted to real life.

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